As part of one of the largest softgel manufacturers in the world, CAPTEK Pharma benefits from a deep legacy of manufacturing innovation that we bring to every pharma project. Learn More

Dosage Forms

CAPTEK Pharma’s team of formulation experts offer unparalleled experience and knowledge in developing softgel formulations for every type of dosage form, from suspensions and enteric-coatings to water- and oil- based solutions. Let CAPTEK's legacy of softgel innovation work for you and your next project. Learn More


Developing a softgel isn't like developing any other formulation, and it brings both unique advantages and challenges to the process. CAPTEK Pharma's long history of developing softgels means that we understand all the intricacies involved and can develop your product's formulation quickly and successfully. Learn More

We’ve designed our Softgel Center of Excellence to meet all cGMP standards. Our purpose-built site was designed with flexibility in mind, and optimized to manufacture products quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.
Best of all, it’s right here in the USA.

— Kevin Tully, VP Commercial Operations

Our Facility

Our 55,000-square-foot facility has been purpose-built to meet our OTC customers' needs. Featuring advanced technologies and instrumentation, on-site laboratories, and a knowledgeable and well-trained team, the CAPTEK Pharma facility is truly a Softgel Center of Excellence. Learn More

CAPTEK Pharma offers your pharma project decades of softgel manufacturing experience. Our experts have a unique understanding of capsule integrity and ingredient interaction, allowing us to solve even the most complex encapsulation challenges. CAPTEK Pharma offers the scale and flexibility you need to meet your softgel OTC business growth needs. Learn More

  • Our Legacy

    As part of a global leader in softgel manufacturing, CAPTEK Pharma benefits from a decades-long legacy delivering innovation and quality that ensures the success of our customers' projects.

  • Our Leadership

    CAPTEK Pharma is led by experienced executives and talented scientists who have deep knowledge of the OTC industry and bring their talent and experience to the challenges of supplying softgel formulations and products with integrity.

  • Our People

    CAPTEK's multi-disciplinary team of experts has over 200 years of combined experience in OTCs and softgel manufacturing, and each member is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of your products.