Our combined industry expertise spans 200 years

CAPTEK ensures reliable and timely delivery of your products by recruiting and developing a talented multi-disciplinary team. From our talented scientific team to our hardworking project managers and workers on the lines, all 730 CAPTEK employees were recruited because of their commitment to quality, safety, and inclusion. Their knowledge and expertise help us to fulfill our commitment to helping people across the world thrive. CAPTEK leverages the team’s depth of institutional knowledge, spanning a combined 200 years, with continuous industry training to proactively guarantee the integrity of your product as scalability options and market opportunities evolve.

Promoting Excellence Through Continuous Investment In Our Employees

Our cross-functional teams work with our customers at each step of product development, from raw materials sourcing to customer fulfillment, overcoming encapsulation challenges before they arise by applying our unique understanding of capsule integrity and ingredient interaction.

This rigorous level of quality is achieved by meaningful, long term initiatives and investments in our highly skilled workforce. We’re cultivating an environment where our employees can grow and learn through various multidisciplinary training programs that are intended to help develop their careers in the OTC industry.

Our parent company, CAPTEK Softgel International, has a long history of investing in the strategic development of our employees in order to retain and nurture the most talented and capable candidates. At CAPTEK Pharma we’re carrying on this commitment by infusing this philosophy into every aspect of our employees’ work environment.