SOPs designed from the ground up to provide the utmost in product integrity and ensure the consistency of your supply

CAPTEK Pharma’s collection of Standard Operating Procedures is an essential component of our operational effectiveness and an integral part of our company-wide quality systems. By developing, maintaining, and strictly adhering to our internal SOPs, we are able to provide all our customers with best-in-class softgel products and consistently excellent service.

More than just regulatory guidelines, our SOPs function as essential communication tools throughout the company, enabling transparency across the organization and giving employees at every level both big-picture and granular insights into our operations.

This commitment to operational excellence is the result of a deeply rooted corporate culture that prioritizes quality and consistency. Every employee strives to ensure that in any situation that may arise, the relevant SOPs are agreed upon, understood, and carried out to the letter.

Continuous Training To Ensure SOP Compliance
Our extensive system of SOPs are backed up by ongoing training at every level of the organization, from new employees to seasoned veterans. The goal is to make sure that every team member understands not just the relevant procedure, but why it exists and the risks involved in not being compliant with it.

CAPTEK Pharma’s library of SOPs is not static, but a living portfolio that expands and evolves over time. As new regulations reach their effective date, our experts update and expand our SOPs to meet or exceed compliance.

Our Standard Operating Procedures cover topics including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing and production systems
  • API storage and handling
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Vendor qualification
  • Sanitation and waste disposal

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Hiren Patel

Quality & Validation Specialist

Hiren offers 28 years of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience with emphasis on product/process development, validation and quality. Hiren also leads the quality unit and CAPTEK’s product development/validation team. With his oversight of product development, validation and quality at Captek Pharma, Hiren is prepared to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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