Our in-house industry experts designed our project management system of record from the ground up

The intuitive interface permits users to execute queries and monitor data with ease, meeting their documentation, compliance, and organizational needs at every point in production. Our customized system of record allows us to specialize reporting for specific customer needs with the highest level of precision and accuracy consistent with our commitment to the most rigorous level of quality. This in turn provides vital benefits to project management via deep process integration.

End-To-End Integration

Our system is integrated throughout the entire softgel manufacturing life cycle.This gives designated cross-functional teams access to a robust portal to track the status and timeline of a project. This ensures strict adherence to SOPs, necessary regulatory compliance activities, and continuous communication with our customers that demonstrates the versatility of our project management system.

Centralized Location For All Documentation From Start To Finish

CAPTEK’s system of record provides several critical benefits that are essential to achieving our customers’ project management needs. Our system design details each step of the production process: master batch development, documentation, final spec (including product description and color approval), document control, and formulation. The system provides a central place to access all documentation relevant to the project.

Multidisciplinary Meetings Proactively Monitor Progress

The system’s end-to-end integration is supported by purposeful meetings of our multidisciplinary teams. Our teams meet daily, alternating days, and weekly to monitor the progress of production. These periodic meetings provide backup to system operations and allow subject matter experts to verify the status of development, monitor critical control points, and provide feedback.

Our robust project management tools are integrated throughout the production process, giving CAPTEK the unique ability to guarantee the integrity of your project by proactively identifying solutions, alternatives, and opportunities.