Seamless workflow takes your product from small batch to large-scale production

CAPTEK Pharma’s high-quality solutions are with you from the very beginning of the development process. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to produce small batches for clinical trials that are manufactured on our actual full-scale commercial equipment using identical quality standards as large-scale batches.

The Highest Standards Of Quality For Small Batches

Clinical trial materials are manufactured under cGMP conditions at our state-of-the-art La Mirada manufacturing facility. The facility has the capacity to produce batches as small as 50 kg of fill material. There is no deviation in the workflow conditions, SOPs, or production methods used when producing small batches. The resulting clinical trial materials exhibit no difference from commercial product and are produced with identical stability and integrity.

Our Equipment Profile Creates Scalable Consistency

CAPTEK Pharma gets your product into commercial manufacturing quickly. We run small batch clinical trial materials at our pharma-dedicated facility on the same production equipment used for commercial products. This allows us to not only complete small batches with optimal efficiency but also swiftly scale up to commercial batches of your product when the time comes. Our consistent use of commercial equipment for all batches, large or small, means we can transition your clinical trial materials to very large production runs with no gap in workflow for scale-up recalibration.

Placebo Matching & Preparation

We know that placebos are just as important as active drug product during clinical testing. That’s why CAPTEK Pharma can produce the exacting placebo samples for your blinded studies if requested.

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Profile Photo: Tim Chiprich

Tim Chiprich

Product Development Specialist

Over his 25 year career, Tim Chiprich has led teams developing softgel pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products. In addition, he’s participated in gelatin research and new technology projects and has several pending and granted patents. Tim is happy to leverage his thorough understanding of softgel development to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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