CAPTEK Pharma overcomes the hidden challenges of lipophilic solutions

Lipophilic solutions are the most common softgel formulations. They are especially useful for improving the absorption rate of drugs that exhibit poor water solubility. They are also considered the most straightforward formulations to develop, as the process for formulating or compounding the oil-based fill is often not as complex as other fills.

However, successfully developing a lipophilic solution can often present unexpected challenges. These formulation challenges can’t be easily overcome by an inexperienced developer and demand the careful attention of a company like CAPTEK with a long history of working with softgels.

Unequaled Precision In Avoiding Lipophilic Challenges

One challenge is dissolving the drug properly within the lipids while still allowing the drug to disperse properly into aqueous digestive fluids in the body. This means finding the correct amount of solvent oils and surfactants for the product, which is different for each drug and can require a level of precision that other companies may not offer.

Once surfactants are added to the lipophilic solution another challenge emerges. The surfactants make the solution behave more hydrophilic, causing water and plasticizer from the wet gelatin to migrate into the fill. This often leads to unstable capsules that leak or harden over time and have greatly reduced bioavailability if not formulated properly.

Unparalleled Expertise In Lipophilic Solutions

After over 20+ years of successfully manufacturing lipophilic softgels for our customers, CAPTEK has an unparalleled expertise in both straight oil solutions as well as self-emulsifying oil blend solutions.

Our formulation scientists precisely balance the solution’s excipient and API amounts, taking the form of the raw material into account, and determine the optimal amount of the fill oil that will lead to the most effective solution. Surfactants don’t pose a problem for CAPTEK’s team of softgel experts either, as we routinely integrate them into lipophilic solutions without running into the issues other less-experienced developers might.

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Tim Chiprich

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Over his 25 year career, Tim Chiprich has led teams developing softgel pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products. In addition, he’s participated in gelatin research and new technology projects and has several pending and granted patents. Tim is happy to leverage his thorough understanding of softgel development to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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