Unparalleled experience in softgel formulations for every type of dosage form

CAPTEK Pharma and our team of formulation experts offer unparalleled experience and knowledge in developing softgel formulations for every type of dosage form, from suspensions and enterics to water- and oil- based solutions. Let CAPTEK’s legacy of softgel innovation work for you and your next project.

There are divergent challenges that must be navigated when working with specific dosage forms that require the manufacturing expertise of an experienced company like CAPTEK. Critical formulation challenges can’t be easily overcome by an inexperienced developer. You don’t want to risk a product that either can’t maintain its stability or, worse, loses its stability months after manufacturing. Benefitting from a long history of research and development, CAPTEK Pharma has developed master production skills. At CAPTEK, softgels are all we do. That focus has empowered us to design every aspect of our company a single goal: creating the highest quality softgel products for our customers’ products in any industry. Our unique position in the industry sets us apart, giving us the sophistication and reliability to successfully formulate your next softgel.

Lipophilic Solutions
Lipophilic solutions are the most common softgel formulations however developing a lipophilic solution can often present unexpected challenges.

CAPTEK has over 20 years of unparalleled expertise in successfully manufacturing lipophilic softgels with a level of precision that other companies may not offer.

Hydrophilic Solutions
Hydrophilic solutions are growing in popularity, as these formulations facilitate the encapsulation of APIs that lipophilic solutions do not. However, hydrophilic solutions can be much more challenging to formulate and manufacture. CAPTEK’s team of experts have the skill and techniques needed to successfully formulate hydrophilic fills.

Suspensions provide softgel formulations for products that are otherwise insoluble in the delivery vehicle, however, vital precision is required to arrive at the optimal balance of excipients, suspending agents, and active ingredients. This requires a level of precision that less experienced companies do not possess, but is a core competency of CAPTEK Pharma.

Enteric capsules are designed to pass through the stomach intact and only activating once reaching the intestines. Enteric capsules are specifically designed to not dissolve in stomach acid but rather in the pH environment of the intestines. Other softgels can be developed to mimic enteric behavior without actually utilizing enteric materials.

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Profile Photo: Tim Chiprich

Tim Chiprich

Product Development Specialist

Over his 25 year career, Tim Chiprich has led teams developing softgel pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products. In addition, he’s participated in gelatin research and new technology projects and has several pending and granted patents. Tim is happy to leverage his thorough understanding of softgel development to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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