CAPTEK Pharma has a variety of monograph softgel product formulation profiles that it can efficiently manufacture right away

To ensure compliance, a drug evaluation monograph is required that scientifically documents critical information such as ingredients, drug class, and instructions for usage. CAPTEK has developed strategic competencies with prior authorization drugs.

Whether you need a custom product or an OTC monograph softgel, CAPTEK Pharma has the technology and flexibility to quickly deliver scalability to fit your organization’s needs. If you’re interested in bringing a monograph product to market quickly, please request our list of formulations from our commercialization expert.

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Kevin Tully

Commercialization Specialist

Kevin Tully is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with nearly 25 years of experience in global sales, marketing, and building market share for branded and private label companies. Kevin supports our customers’ commercialization strategies by consulting on commercial scale-up, sourcing, risk mitigation, and more. He’s happy to discuss any commercialization challenges your product is facing.

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