CAPTEK can provide a seamless transition for the technical transfer of your product

Technology transfer is a crucial process in bringing a drug to full-scale production. Technology Transfer happens between development stages and between manufacturing entities as market needs evolve for an existing product. From data collection and review to analytical validation a key emphasis on potential regulatory impacts is required.

CAPTEK Pharma has the critical scientific procedures to ensure a smooth transfer to quickly meet your scalability needs. Please speak with our technical transfer expert on any specific needs your project requires.

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Profile Photo: Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel

Quality & Validation Specialist

Hiren offers 28 years of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience with emphasis on product/process development, validation and quality. Hiren also leads the quality unit and CAPTEK’s product development/validation team. With his oversight of product development, validation and quality at CAPTEK Pharma, Hiren is prepared to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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