Your next OTC product demands the hands-on experience only CAPTEK Pharma can provide

In the competitive marketplace for Over-The-Counter products, customer choice is everything. Giving customers a compelling reason to choose your product over a rival is critical, and customers are increasingly choosing softgel formulations.

But not every softgel manufacturer has the expertise needed to produce a successful OTC product. CAPTEK Pharma’s 20+ years of experience manufacturing softgels gives us the knowledge we need to overcome any challenges your product might encounter. Our deep history with softgels means that we can anticipate and avoid issues before they even arise.

Providing Seamless End-To-End Consultation And Integrated Guidance

CAPTEK Pharma’s team of softgel experts works with you at every step of the manufacturing process, from the earliest stages of formulation onwards, providing you with status updates, consultation, and expert guidance.

We offer bulk manufacturing as well as a full turnkey solution if needed, with your bulk OTC softgels delivered to CAPTEK Pharma’s trusted long-term packaging partner to finalize the product.

The OTC world runs on choice…choose an experienced manufacturer like CAPTEK Pharma.

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Profile Photo: Kevin Tully

Kevin Tully

Commercialization Specialist

Kevin Tully is Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, with nearly 25 years of experience in global sales, marketing, and building market share for branded and private label companies. Kevin supports our customers’ commercialization strategies by consulting on commercial scale-up, sourcing, risk mitigation, and more. He’s happy to discuss any commercialization challenges your product is facing.

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