As part of one of the largest softgel manufacturers in the world, CAPTEK Pharma benefits from a deep legacy of manufacturing innovation that we bring to every pharma project

CAPTEK’s team of softgel specialists have a unique understanding of capsule integrity and ingredient interaction, and have built a reputation for solving complex encapsulation challenges for our customers. Our commitment to quality, consistency, and operational excellence informs our unique capabilities to overcome the challenges of softgel production. To ensure the integrity and consistent supply of your products, our La Mirada facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment, designed and optimized for the manufacture of OTC softgels. Our experienced scientists are focused on the development and manufacturing of OTC and private-label softgels, ensuring reliable and timely delivery of your products. We work with you from the earliest stages of production to determine the ideal formulation for your product, then successfully guide your project through every step of manufacturing.

In the competitive marketplace for Over-The-Counter products, giving customers a compelling reason to choose your product over a rival is critical, and customers are increasingly choosing softgel formulations. We offer bulk manufacturing as well as a full turnkey solution if needed.

Private Label
CAPTEK Pharma offers an extensive portfolio of national-brand equivalent products ready to be manufactured for your private label needs. CAPTEK Pharma can also work with you to create your own stock formula, which we can manufacture in bulk and as private label as well.

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Profile Photo: Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel

Quality & Validation Specialist

Hiren offers 28 years of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing experience with emphasis on product/process development, validation and quality. Hiren also leads the quality unit and CAPTEK’s product development/validation team. With his oversight of product development, validation and quality at CAPTEK Pharma, Hiren is prepared to discuss any challenges on your upcoming project.

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