CAPTEK Ready To Meet Increasing Demand For Enteric Softgels

As CAPTEK™ continues to expand its pharmaceutical capabilities through its La Mirada facility, a recently released market analysis report suggests that the demand for enteric-coated softgels for the pharmaceutical market will grow through 2028.

As the report from Future Market Insights notes, “consumers are shifting from dietary supplements in the form of pills to softgel capsules, [and] the enteric softgel capsules market is gaining momentum. A major factor boosting demand for enteric softgel capsules is the escalation of R&D activities directed towards improving bioavailability of new drugs. Leading manufacturers of enteric softgel capsules are focusing on accelerating production to cater to the increasing demand for health supplements and pharmaceuticals in the form of softgel capsules.”

When asked about the growth of this market, Tim Chiprich, Head of Product Development at CAPTEK, said, “having been part of the original team of scientists to develop enteric-coated softgel technologies, I can say that CAPTEK is uniquely positioned to provide enteric-coated softgels of the highest quality and integrity. We know the technology because we helped in bringing it to market. It’s easy to get it wrong. At CAPTEK we get it right.”

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